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Legacy network architectures no longer work in today’s cloud-enabled world. The future of cybersecurity is SASE. So what will it be? "Stay the Course" and start with an overview about SASE — or — "Move to SASE" and start with an overview about Prisma. No matter which pill you swallow, it'll go down easy, promise.

Palo Alto Networks  |  Prisma SASE  |  Keeping the Hybrid Workforce Safe
Every day new cyber threats arise that make operations a lot more dangerous for those working remote or on the go. Once an acronym to warn curious souls that the content inside an email or message might be too scandalous to open at the office — NSFW — has taken on a whole new meaning in 2022 and beyond. It's actually legacy security and network infrastructures that are NSFW especially when WFH. 
For this REDDIT marketing initiative, we thought getting a little sassy about SASE would be a great way to pique interest. And we were right.

Palo Alto Networks  |  Prisma Access  |  Out with the Old
In earlier years, Blue Coat was well known for its web gateway appliances, but over time and after many acquisitions, their customer service and innovation are lacking, leaving customers unhappy. In an effort to take out the competition, we partnered with the SASE team to drive awareness and consideration of Prisma Access – the more modern and complete cloud-delivered security platform. The first component of the Take Out campaign includes highly targeted media aimed at practitioners who are assessing their SWG options. Through comparative messaging, we drive people to learn more about updating to a SASE approach via an ESG white paper. Creative will feature the new Prisma Access branding and pave the way for other in-progress touch points that will provide direct comparisons to increase awareness and drive warm leads for the sales team.​​​​​​