Salesforce |  Retail  |  "Let's Be Friends" Direct Mailer
The Product Marketing and Campaigns team for Retail came to us asking for a unique and fun way to send Astro dolls out to their customers and prospects. We presented several concepts and the PMM team chose the Action Figure direction. To get these out the door in time, we had to work closely with the vendor and stay on top of stakeholders throughout the approval process. This direct mailer is one of my favorites, and was a hit with the recipients.
Salesforce  |  Retail  |  Shoptimistic Holiday Program
The Holiday Program is Retail’s biggest marketing program of the year. The creative needs for it includes a complete look and feel,  a holiday insights landing page, a live reporting landing page, a holiday wrap-up landing page, a direct mailer, sales enablement, several new assets, webinars, and numerous campaign promos. As the creative lead, I worked with my art director on illustration and theme ideas, and worked closely with the Product Marketing and Campaigns team to deliver quality work within extremely tight deadlines.

Retail’s Shoptimistic Little Helper
During the holiday season, brands aren’t just competing against other brands. They’re up against non-negotiable timelines, new shopping trends, evolving consumer behaviors, emerging technologies, and sometimes even mother nature (snowmageddon, hello). It’s a stressful time for retailers that goes on for days, weeks, and months on end. In fact, the only person who might have it just as rough is Santa, but even he has a team of special elves to help out. But what if retailers did too? Better yet, what if they had a whole arsenal of trusted and experienced holiday planners… industry gurus filled with predictions, wisdom, and insights… even a source of comic relief when retailers need it most…​​​​​​​ With a support system like that, the season becomes a lot less daunting and a lot more dazzling. In fact, with Salesforce’s help, retail’s holiday future looks downright shoptimisitic.
Salesforce  |  Retail  |  Connected Shoppers Report
This project was originally given to an agency but after going several rounds with them on the illustration, our Product Marketing team was still not happy with the direction it was headed. I decided to give it a shot and drew up two sketches with concept write-ups. The Retail team was very happy with the work, and appreciated the extra mile it took to get there. They ended up choosing the Balloons concept and the theme was carried through the entire campaign promotion.

Salesforce  |  Retail  |  NRF Event
NRF (National Retail Federation) is the world’s largest retail conference and expo, and it is filled with futuristic tech to change the way you do business. Every January in New York City, its Big Show is the place to bring the best brands, technologies, and innovations into the spotlight. And every year we were tasked to have a big presence through our website, keynotes, giveaways, and promotions.