Salesforce  |  Financial Services Cloud  |  Launch Announcement
One of my first projects on the Industries team was to promote the launch of a new cloud: Financial Services Cloud. This was a huge step for the Financial Services team and they wanted something that would really grab folks attention. My solution? A fun mailer that looked like a typical Wealth Management book, but when you opened it, it was actually a computer (which you had a chance to win by learning more) that contained more information about our product release.
Salesforce  |  Financial Services Cloud  |  Interactive Experience
Testimonies are a company's best way to turn prospects into loyal customers. So, after rounds of interviews and hours of video, we came up with this online experience that featured some of our best customer success stories. 
Salesforce  |  Wealth Management Basecamp  |  Blog
I was invited by the Financial Services Product Marketing team to attend their first Basecamp event being held in Chicago, IL. There, I would sit in on the keynote and report my takeaways in the form of a blog post. We normally don’t write for the Salesforce blog, but I was honored that they asked me. The end result was so well received, the Manufacturing team got wind of it and asked me to attend their Basecamp as well. Unfortunately, I was no longer writing for Manufacturing. But, if given the chance, I would have definitely gone. Attending this event in person was a great learning experience.
Salesforce  |  Financial Services Cloud for Banking  |  Announcement
We were tasked to announce Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking, a new industry application that enables retail banks to deliver the highly personalized, intelligent and connected banking experiences that consumers expect. With it, every bank employee, from the personal banker to the teller to the mortgage officer, can have a complete view of their customers and work collaboratively to exceed expectations. Were better to share this big news than at BAI Beacon— a well-known banking strategies event.
Salesforce  |  Financial Services Cloud for Insurance  |  Announcement
Yep, we did it again and expanded Financial Services Cloud to include features built for the Insurance Industry. To help promote this new product, we were tasked to come up with a direct mailer. For this one, we invited customers to learn more over a cup of coffee, on us of course.