When you think of utility companies and mail, paying your bill comes to mind. But in states like Texas where energy companies are competing for your business, it's important to not only grab customers attention, but to also show how much you appreciate their business. And that's exactly what we did for Reliant Energy. 
Reliant Energy  |  Customer Appreciation  |  Night at the Movies
Every year Reliant Energy thanks their customers by sending them a little giveaway. Usually it's movie tickets and this year was no different. But what was different was the delivery. This piece includes movie selector tool to help recipients pick which flick to see. The entire back side opened up to a "choose your own adventure" style game. As a writer, this was about as much fun as you can have with a mailer piece... given this still had to make it through their legal department.
Reliant Energy  |  Savings Promotion  |  Direct Mail
We were tasked to create acquisition DM letters for Reliant Energy promoting their Cap-n-Save Plan. But a letter seemed pretty boring, so we took it one (or two) steps further. Instead we created a unique mailer turned into a Savings Cap, literally.

Reliant Energy  |  Savings Promotion  |  Direct Mail
In this acquisition DM, we created a flip book that put the fun back into paying bills (if that's possible) by showing how much money you'll save with Reliant.