Adobe  |  Acrobat  | 25-Hour Day Microsite
Not enough hours in the day? Well, maybe we can help... The Acrobat City interactive campaign targeted office drones and desk junkies to try Adobe Acrobat 9. The idea: with this software you'll be more productive at work, so you can actually have a life outside of it. Banner ads drove users to the microsite where they could make a PDF, convert any document into an interactive form, watch informative videos, and enter to win an office makeover. Targeted banners drove to the site, and copy as well as art direction changed depending what time of the day it was. 

Adobe  |  Acrobat  | Interactive Forms Microsite
If you didn’t know about interactive forms and Acrobat software, this site explains it all. From creating your own to organizing the incoming data, users learned the ins and outs of PDF forms through sample content and engaging videos—plus they could enter to win a Kindle by submitting the worst form they’d ever seen. 
Adobe  |  Acrobat Connect Pro  |  Discovery Microsite
Connect Pro is a web conferencing software that's great for creating and conducting interactive presentations. To help those not familiar with the software, we took all the information Adobe had on it, and combined it into a very clean, easy-to-navigate site. Users could browse through videos, case studies, testimonials, and more—plus register for the trial.
Adobe  |  Photoshop  |  Where Do You Photoshop Microsite
Adobe needed more help classifying customers so they can hit them up with relevant communications. With that in mind, we created a cool site that not only drove users to purchase or try Photoshop CS4, but also collected important information about them.